Court Reporting Services San Francisco

Lit Connect Service San Francisco | Court Reporting San Francisco Our San Francisco court reporting company uses state-of-the art technology to ensure that every aspect of your case runs smoothly–at least when it comes to your court reporting needs. For this reason, Capital Reporting Company provides 24/7 access to your Lit-Connect© suite, to help you and your team manage all of your court reporting and deposition services. From Lit-Connect©, you may access your client-only website, schedule depositions, edit your calendar, and even download transcripts.

Your Lit-Connect© suite is just one of the many ways in which Capital enables you to handle depositions in and from multiple locations. No matter if you are working on a
deposition right here in San Francisco, you can still access transcripts taken in Chicago, New York, or wherever your work takes you, all with just the click of a mouse! Find everything you need within minutes through Lit-Connect© with no extra cost.

To begin utilizing our Lit-Connect© service, simply contact our office to obtain your free user login information. Alternately, you can arrange a demonstration with one of our experienced case managers. From this point you will be able to access your deposition information at no cost, anywhere, anytime, day or night. And you may rest assured that all of your documents and information will be heavily guarded by user ID, firewalls
and encryption.

Lit-Connect© Provides you with secured access to your transcripts. This access extends across multiple devices, including your smartphone and tablet, with the aid of
our mobile transcript app. Use this application to take your documents anywhere
you go. Simply go to the iTunes app store and search Capital Reporting Company.

For those seeking more advanced document reviewing capabilities and case management online, our San Francisco court reporting companies offer a subscription-based case management software, which will enable you to upload files and organize documents and information in a convenient, central location. To learn more about our mobile transcript app, click here.

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Click on the above link to begin electronically viewing your transcripts. Downloading and
using this software is easy, fast and free of charge.