Key Witnesses in Personal Injury Case

When a person is involved in an accident, it’s unlikely that he or she is thinking about the kinds of witnesses that may be necessary to bring a personal injury claim; however, negotiating with an insurance company will be more effective if they have the names of witnesses to the accident. There are three main categories of witnesses who may be important in proving a personal injury claim either during negotiations or at trial if a settlement cannot be reached. 1. Accident Witnesses These are… Read full post

Five Questions to Ask in an Employment Discrimination Case Deposition

So you, as a Fairfax VA employment law lawyer, are about to depose the corporate representative of the company who you allege discriminated against your client.  What are the five questions you need to make sure to ask: 1. What was the reason you terminated (or took other action) against my client? This seems like a pretty basic question.  But you would be surprised.  Often, a corporate representative will give one reason to the employee at the time of termination.  Later, when the company’s attorney is… Read full post